Interior Design Tips for Decorating Small Spaces


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You don’t have to hide your style because you don’t have a big house. Decorating a tiny area, like decorating a big one, just needs creative creativity and a keen sense of what fits and what doesn’t. And, although the emphasis will naturally be different while dealing with less living space, the basic design principles will remain the same.

Small House Interior Design Ideas

Following are the interior design tips for decorating small spaces, the designers on decorating small spaces consider:

  • Natural Light Underestimation

Natural light is the greatest friend of a tiny area. Make the most of yours by putting mirrors along opposite walls, even from your windows, that reflect and distribute light. To filter rather than block sunlight, use woven blinds or transparent privacy drapes. If natural light is restricted in your area, keep your paint colors and primary furniture colors light to improve the overall atmosphere.

  • Stack The Textiles

With fabric, you can transform a small living space into a bohemian sanctuary. In this Happy Interior Blog design, houseplant specialist Igor Josifovic dresses up a cheap couch with cotton weaving and Kilim cushions. The Turkish rug adds to the appeal of sitting on the floor. A kitchen cabinet paired with a white towel was too adorable to use, following every woven wall hanging.

  • Utilize Mirrors

If you are not fortunate enough of natural light, miracles may help you take full use of what you have around the room to reflect. Mirrors may also help make a room seem more significant by creating the appearance of more extraordinary square footage. Consider decorating a wall with a big mirror or putting together a gallery wall of various sizes and forms.

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  • Defying Your Size

The sooner you realize that you have a limited area and begin making the most out of it, the sooner you will be able to create stylish surroundings. If you don’t have enough space for a bedside table, cramming one in will just make your room seem smaller. Instead, use a stool to place remote controls, journals, and small table lights. If you don’t have enough space for a media cabinet, consider mounting a flat-screen upon on wall or tucking it inside a bookshelf. Adopt a vanity or slim console rather than a full-size desk.

  • Cherish Your White Walls

Consider going with a white-on-white interior design. White walls may be boring, but they can also still create a relaxing atmosphere. Combining white walls with similarly light furniture is an attractive and straightforward technique to make any tiny room seem brighter and more significant.